Renata B, England

Peggy is invested in empowering and inspiring you to see yourself for who you are as well as who you can be. She's not here to be a cheerleader, a yes person, or a sage advice giver (even though she's packed with wisdom!) Peggy transcends these tendencies, and has a natural gift to both sincerely hear you and help you. She is there for you - to enlighten, challenge, energize you, and shift your perspective through a variety of fun and illuminating activities. She is trained & masterful in different methods - she makes staying with one approach exciting yet meaningfully deep, and can intuitively use multiple approaches in a singular session with ease. I have consistently left our sessions feeling energized and ready to take on the world! Peggy is curious, bright, passionate and thoughtful, and has helped to expand my imagination of what is possible in my reality. I've made many changes in my life since we've met, and I attribute much of my enabling self-beliefs to our time together. I'm grateful for our coaching & reiki sessions, and could not recommend her more highly!

LESLIE D, New York

My first coaching session with Peggy blew my mind. Before I knew it, we were delving deep (but gently) into a topic that I had not been able to access in a decade of traditional therapy. Peggy’s coaching techniques were both innovative and effective. If you are open to transformation in your life, Peggy is the most incredible guide.


Having Peggy tap into my energy gave me a feeling of being connected to source. The information provided in my session gave me a sense of truth and understanding about myself and my journey. Peggy created a picture and landscape of my inner workings. It was incredible. She was also able to help me move heavy energy that has been weighing down my throat chakra. A true benefit to anyone she works with, I can't imagine a more positive experience during my energy intuitive reading session. 

jen w, manitoba

I connected with Peggy for intuitive coaching and was deeply moved by her calming presence and approach. She guided me effortlessly towards a deeper understanding of my current challenges. Leaving the session I feel that I have learnt several helpful tools and discovered a fresh approach to my personal growth. 


Peggy is an outstanding Reiki practitioner.  Her attention to detail from the lovely scents and music in her studio to her communication to make you feel welcome and safe.  I would recommend anyone looking to explore or further develop themselves in the modality of Reiki to consider Peggy.

Peggy has a natural aptitude for redirecting blocked energy with her magic tuning forks. She listens deeply into your body system, intuitively navigating the body's pathways to locate the exact origin of the issue. In my experience the resonance of the forks guided me into a blissful state whilst also highlighting the areas needing attention. Quite literally those areas of my body responded with movements and sensations I have never before experienced. It felt like whatever was blocked was being met, dissipated and cleared. Before the treatment I had been suffering severe restriction of mobility around my neck, shoulders and upper back, causing great deal of pain. After the treatment I could turn my head from side to side, had much more freedom and ease of movement and felt totally chilled out. I found Peggy to be an instinctive healer displaying humility, compassion and authenticity. Go if you have a specific ailment or simply to enjoy deep relaxation and loving care.

Janet f, New York

Peggy is a compassionate, intuitive coach and has an incredible empathic ability to help others sort through dealing with challenging circumstances. I worked with Peggy after struggling for over a year to find the next steps in my career and explore the possibility of living abroad. She helped me identify goals, get unstuck, and go after my dreams. Through working with Peggy, I was able to gain clarity on a future vision and achieve great work/life balance. Peggy’s great at understanding the whole person, truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her for anyone looking to make changes in their life for greater overall satisfaction.


The intuitive energy reading with Peggy was really special and eye-opening! I really appreciated how thorough and patient she was. I felt very safe and seen the whole time. It gave me a lot of energy and I felt at peace afterwards, also knowing that I am on the right path.


I never experienced an energy reading before so I didn't quite know what to expect, but I was really open to the whole experience and felt safe and supported by Peggy the entire time. Peggy was so informative and her presence transcends the screen. She walked me through a beautiful energy reading that I found deeply resonant.

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