In our modern society, many of us feel disconnected and isolated. We hide our true selves, afraid that we would not be loved for exactly the way we are. We hold back from speaking our truth, out of worry that others won't take our words seriously. We choose to play small, so we can safely stay in our lane, keep our heads low and our eyes on the ground. We find ourselves merely surviving as we achieve, compare and project the outward image of a “perfect” life.  We carefully cultivate an identity in order to be accepted and liked, and to feel safe. We are afraid that if we open up about our mess, we would be judged by the world, and especially by those closest to us.


Yet underneath the surface, we long for real connection. It’s in our blood. Our bodies crave it, and our souls search for it. The oldest and deepest part of us knows what it needs to be whole - but are we courageous enough to listen?


In our monthly circle, we honor and experience the intimacy and bonds that our grandmothers and ancestors had shared for most of human history. The Sister Circle provides a safe space for women to fearlessly, courageously, and unapologetically share all that we are, and to be celebrated for our whole, beautiful, messy, radiant, and perfectly imperfect selves. It is where we can cry, laugh and melt into the comfortable feeling of completely trusting other women as sisters, confidants, and true friends.  When we are held in the loving presence of our sisters, to be truly seen, heard, and received with full acceptance, love and gratitude, deep healing can happen. There’s no need to change, to fix; no advice to be given. Through learning to reach out for support when needed, communicate through difficulty, and be held in all that arises, we can reprogram our nervous system and teach our bodies what it feels like to be safe again. Each woman will discover her own personal path to freedom while witnessing and empowering her sisters on their journeys.


Through meditation, music, movement, and reflection, we honor our connection to one another, the Mother Earth, and the mothers who have come before us, and dream a vision for the sisters for whom we will leave a legacy.


Sister Circle will be coming soon to New York City. Contact me if you are interested in sharing your ideas.  

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