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INTEGRATED Lawyer Coaching + Healing

Image by Diego Jimenez


You went to law school with a sense of purpose, idealism, passion for justice, and a desire to make a difference in the world. But as you progressed through your education and career, you drifted away from where you started.

From early on, you felt yourself disconnecting from the heart of who you are in order to survive in a profession that for centuries has defined “success” based on competition, aggressiveness, intellectualization, and perfectionism. You have hidden away those parts of you that don’t conform to the image of a successful lawyer, especially the sensitive and empathic parts, because you don’t think you can be fully welcomed and accepted as you are.

This constant pressure to perform, adapt, and endure has changed you.

On most days, you experience anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, lethargy, and/or other physical, mental, or emotional health challenges. These symptoms are so commonplace in the profession yet few people talk about them. You struggle silently, because you worry about how you would be perceived by others if you dare to open up about how you are truly doing.

Over time, you feel more and more disconnected from yourself. The “personality” – the carefully constructed image you project out into the world, is not who you really are at your core. The label of “lawyer” has taken up most of the space in your life, and the “real you” has gone in hiding.

Despite all your personal and professional achievements, you know something is missing. You are yearning for more meaning, fulfillment, and aliveness in your life and your work. Even though you might be disillusioned with the practice of law, there’s a part of you that believes that more is possible. Deep inside, you know that with your intellect, experiences, and your big heart, you have so much more to offer to the world.


At the same time, you are afraid to really feel the extent of your longing. Because if you allow yourself to connect with your true power and desires, you might now have to do something about it. Action requires courage, strength, and the willingness to risk failure. Staying where you are is safe, familiar, and predictable.

I am here to tell you:  You no longer have to subscribe to this way of life. This way of life is outdated, harmful to the human mind, body and spirit, and counterintuitive to what science teaches us about performance, productivity, and well-being.

You have the freedom to design your life and your practice around your values and passions.

You have the power to use your incredible talents, voice, experiences, and resources to create the change you want to see in yourself, your family, your organization, your community, and the world.

You are uniquely situated in this time in human history to create a paradigm shift in how law is practiced in this generation and beyond.

A new paradigm where every lawyer’s natural strengths and talents are valued, where lawyers can show up fully integrated, where conscious lawyers forge connections with other conscious lawyers to bring about healing and innovative solutions that benefit all parties, where lawyers serve as true partners and co-creators to their clients, and most of all, where lawyers are thriving, connected with their sense of purpose, and taking care of their own needs so that they can be the best advocates for others.  

I know you are wondering how this is possible when you are struggling to balance your work and life as is. Where do you even begin?

I am here to show you that it is not only possible, but imperative, for you to do this important work. The alternative is the continuation of a way of life that destroys your spirit and keeps you from experiencing life fully and meaningfully.

Yes, the work will not be easy. The transformation will not happen overnight, and you will be frustrated and scared along the way. It is not for the faint of heart. Like the archetypical Hero’s Journey, when we do deep inner work to uncover our truth, we inevitably go through a process of confronting difficult obstacles and self-doubt before we can reestablish our footing on higher ground. This is the metaphorical dark night of the soul where our old skin has to shed in order to make room for a new version of ourselves, with greater awareness, insight, and wisdom. 

Only you have the power to change the trajectory of your life.

It's never too late to begin.

You are an ideal candidate for this coaching and healing work if you are:


  • Intentional about designing your personal and professional lives in alignment with your values, passions, creativity, and natural talents

  • Yearning to reconnect with your authentic self, integrating who you are with how you practice

  • Willing to believe that more is possible and open to letting the coaching process show you new pathways

  • Passionate about creating an impact and leaving a legacy in this world

  • Interested in being part of a movement to shift the consciousness of the legal profession

  • Willing to do the hard work to confront the social conditioning and your own limiting beliefs that have kept you from taking action

  • Committed to making sustainable changes and being held accountable

  • Able to commit to a consistent and regular coaching schedule for at least 6 months


What to expect from our work together:


We will be using a combination of coaching and energy healing modalities. While coaching works wonderfully at the conscious level, energy healing works at the subconscious level and helps to address the deep-seated societal and professional programming that keeps lawyers from using their highest intuitive and creative potential. Energy work might include reiki, visualization, releasing foreign or old energy from your space, releasing stories and limiting beliefs, seeking affirmations and creative solutions from your Higher Self, and many more.


Each client’s journey will look completely different depending on their level of awareness, needs, and goals. However, here are some of the common themes we might touch on:


  • Gaining clarity around your purpose, values, and desires

  • Envisioning the future, contribution, and legacy you want to create

  • Creating a plan with goals and action steps to help you design a law practice that is aligned with your highest truth

  • Identifying the fears, stories, patterns, and beliefs that have kept you small and working to release them at both the conscious and the subconscious levels

  • Learning to trust your intuition and innate wisdom

  • Becoming a conscious leader and leading the way to improve the conditions of the industry for this generation and beyond

  • Accepting and appreciating those parts of you that you have hidden away in order to fit in

  • Redefining “successful lawyer” on your own terms

  • Striking a balance between your left brain (intellect) and your right brain (intuition) to inform your decisions

  • Taking charge of your well-being by developing daily self-care rituals and managing your energy and time

  • Learning energy tools to help you manage stress, create strong boundaries, cleanse and protect your energy space, cultivate your presence, replenish your energy, and gain greater awareness of your energetic interactions with others

  • Developing conscious responses to the real-life challenges that have come up in your work and personal life

  • Changing your relationship dynamics with yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and clients

  • Receiving reiki and sound healing for immediate stress relief

  • Soliciting your Higher Self’s insights around the challenges you are facing

  • Developing mind and body connection to make life decisions from a place of wholeness


As a coach, my role is to help you find aliveness in your life, gain clarity around your purpose and values, and connect with your needs and desires. I provide a container for navigating challenges and decisions, provide structure and accountability, challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, and celebrate your progress. As an energy practitioner, I have the ability to read your energy for information, perform energy healing, and connect with your Higher Self for insights and next steps, if you are open to these modalities.

If this stirs something in your soul, I invite you to schedule a 45-minute complimentary consultation with me to determine if this work would be a good fit for you.

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