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From the light of one candle, a million candles can be lit without affecting the original flame.
From the single awareness, innumerable flames of apparent separate existences are lit and are burning with the same fire.
That fire is the Self. 


We are truly powerful when we stand together. 


When we show up authentically with purpose, passion, and openness, the light we each carry can illuminate the paths for those around us, making it easier for all of us to navigate together.


Illuminate We is a community of individuals, the luminaries, whose purpose is to shine a light on each person we encounter to bring as much of their truth - their gifts and talents - to the world as possible. Our essence is being a light that inspires humanity to evolve to a more natural and sustainable way of living. When we are lit up, expanded, and fulfilled, we spread our light and enrich the lives of all those around us, creating a rippling effect of conscious evolution for a better world.


In our community, each one of us is our own healer, hero, and leader.  We seek to reconnect to the simple values that have sustained human evolution for thousands of years - community, contribution, and respect for all living beings and nature. Through deep and meaningful interactions, we inspire and support one another to make heart-centered, conscious decisions for the benefit of ourselves, our tribe, and our planet. We are committed to taking impactful action, one step at a time, to raise the collective consciousness and to create a more connected and compassionate world.  

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