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Transformational Coaching


Journey Home to Your Authentic Self


Much of the existential pains we experience in our modern life lies in the disconnect between who we are at our core and the personality we project out into the world. From a young age, we are conditioned to pursue success as it is defined by society and our family. We make our decisions based on what is rational, safe, and practical. We are bombarded with external messages on what we should achieve and by when. We are sold the idea that if we follow a certain predictable formula, we would be “happy.”

You’ve now made it. You’ve checked the boxes. Education. Career. Spouse. Children. House. But you don’t have the sense of fulfillment you thought you would have when you got here. On most days, you feel as if you are swimming upstream. You are surrounded by people, but you feel unseen. Your days are filled with appointments and activities, yet you’ve done little of what sparks a light in you. You have achieved professional and personal successes, but you constantly worry about not being good enough. You are burned out and the effects have manifested physically, mentally, or emotionally. You wake up feeling numb, anxious, tired or uninspired, and you wonder if there is more to life than this humdrum of daily routines.


Human beings have a deep innate longing for aliveness, purpose, and meaning. Who am I and why am I here? In those rare moments when you are willing to slow down your mind, you can hear the whisper of that deep yearning. There’s an inner knowing that you are meant to experience life more fully. You know that underneath the mundane daily transactions lies dormant the desire for growth and expansion. You yearn to reclaim the joy, passion, and excitement of being alive, in this world, at this time. 


This voice is faint, and it easily gets drowned out by the incessant worries and fears that your mind creates. But it’s here. It always has been. Our work together is to help you listen to that voice and let it take you home.


I focus on working with clients who are:

  • Ready to rediscover their authentic self, and the deepest truth of what gives their life meaning.

  • Willing to do the hard work to transform their inner landscape, in order to experience their outer world fully and authentically.

  • Committed to making sustainable changes in alignment with their truth.

  • Able to commit to a consistent and regular coaching schedule for at least 6 months.

Together, we will co-create a conscious coaching relationship that supports you in:

  • Awakening your consciousness to reconnect with your purpose, values, and desires

  • Envisioning the future you commit to create and designing action steps to help you get there

  • Tapping into your intuition and innate wisdom to inform your life decisions

  • Aligning your truth with your actions toward a fuller expression of your wholeness

  • Developing deeper intimacy with yourself and others from a place of self-love and compassion

  • Discerning what is true and right for you from what you think you should do

  • Finding balance in your life so you can experience more harmony, peace, joy, and connection

  • Understanding the root of your behavioral patterns, attaining freedom through awareness and self-realization

  • Assessing your life holistically, identifying opportunities for alignment, and creating an action plan for across the board transformation

  • Creating spaciousness by letting go of conditioning, stories, old patterns, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Facing the possibilities within you and taking actions outside of your comfort zone 

  • Developing skills and practices to transform your life, including creating strong boundaries, setting clear expectations, discovering your own blocks, and facing the fears that come with transforming your life and the world

  • Developing mind and body connection and experiencing the ease of living in the flow


The longest journey you will make in your life is the one from your head to your heart. 


The journey to reclaim yourself takes a great deal of awareness, strength, and courage. It requires the willingness to find space to listen to your needs and desires, to hold that deep intimacy within yourself, and to learn how to be alone with yourself while knowing you are not alone on this human journey.  My role is to create space for you to experience your truest self, support, challenge and celebrate you, and to be a mirror for the beauty and courage that have always existed in you.


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