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Journey Home to Your Heart​

Sacred Valley, Peru
MARCH 26-april 3, 2022



9 Days and 8 Nights of Soul Exploration and Plant Medicine Journey


This transformational retreat will take you on a journey to the depths of consciousness to unlock the power of healing within your soul. Join us in Pisac, in the heart of the Sacred Valley, among the mystical energy of the Peruvian Andes, as we travel together to remember who we are and to answer our soul’s deepest calling.

We were each born with a unique purpose. We chose to manifest in this physical body in order to fulfill our calling, to experience the full range of humanity, and to continue the evolution of our soul’s growth. 

On our human journeys, we connect with our souls to

remember we are more than just our minds and our bodies – that we are eternal beings with infinite powers and endless possibilities.

When we live in alignment with our divine purpose, we live in a state of flow. We experience the joys of putting our gifts and talents to use in the service of ourselves, our families, and our communities. We know the universe has a plan for us, and trust that everything happens in divine timing for the highest good of all involved.


However, as human beings in this “earth school,” we often forget our divine nature, our essence, and the reason we are here. From an early age, we might have been told that we’re too much or not enough. We adapted to others’ expectations in order to fit in, but every time we changed course to gain someone else’s approval, we dimmed the spark within ourselves. We began to believe in the limitations our minds created.  For many of us, family and societal conditioning have defined what “success” is. Yet, having worked so hard to attain this “success,” we now realize we are no closer to fulfillment. We’re left wondering if there’s more to life than this endless cycle of joyless striving.

20180416_160646 - Copy.jpg

When our thoughts, feelings, and actions are out of alignment with our divine purpose, the resulting imbalance creates energy blockages that often manifest into physical, emotional, or psychological conditions. However challenging they might be, these times can serve as a wake-up call for us to look closely at our relationship to ourselves, to journey back to our heart so we can feel more connected to our truth, our visions, and our dreams. Even when we are at rock bottom, there’s a part of us from deep within, however buried it is, that

knows we are meant to experience life more fully and meaningfully.

Plant medicine has been used in ceremonies by the indigenous peoples around the world to unlock the body’s own healing power and to bring about spiritual insights that can connect us to deeper levels of creativity and heart-centered living. The divine spirit of plant medicine has the ability to show us what lies beneath the surface, often at our subconscious level, our patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that keep us from experiencing life fully, as well as our truth and potential. Imagine your consciousness expanding, and you realize that you are so much more than who you think you are, and so much more is possible in this wide and wild universe. Do you ever wonder what your life would look like if you don’t limit yourself to one way of thinking and doing?

Join us on this intimate journey to remember your divinity, reconnect with the parts of yourself that you have kept hidden, reignite your passions, reclaim your potentials, and envision and create the future you want from your deepest knowing. The moment is NOW to be your own conscious creator of an authentic and meaningful life.

What's Included

2 Grandmother Medicine ceremonies*

2 Grandfather Medicine ceremonies and guided hikes*

Despacho opening ceremony

Reiki attunement

Andean empowerment and blessing

Integration circles

Shamanic journeys

Sound healing

Group healing sessions

Daily meditation or dharma talk

Workshops (including lessons on Andean shamanic traditions, energy protection, grounding)

Closing ceremony

The retreat is designed to keep you fully engaged every day, but you may of course opt-out of activities if it feels right for you. We have built-in breaks to allow you to have some quiet time to reflect and integrate, as well as free time to explore Pisac and its shops and artisan market. The retreat schedule is subject to change, depending on the needs of the group, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances.

*Note: The medicine guides who will be conducting our ceremonies are local teachers we have personally worked with and can vouch for their professionalism, skills, and integrity. A basic level of physical fitness is needed to hike at a high altitude.​

Your Guides

Peggy Chan

Peggy is a transformational life coach, intuitive reader, and a Reiki practitioner based in New York City. It is her dharma to help others reconnect with their soul essence and to support them in creating magic on earth from a place of personal truth and alignment. 


Combining her knowledge and training in psychology, philosophy, coaching, and energy healing, Peggy helps translate esoteric teachings and practices into a language that those living in the modern world can understand. She serves as a guide to bridge the gap between the practical and the mystical, merge logic with intuition and bring time-tested healing balm to the modern soul. 

Learn more about Peggy


Mitzy Clementina

Mitzy Clementina carries the wisdom of her Andean ancestry and her work showcases how ancient spiritual practices can heal the modern mind and can spark a transformational new consciousness.

She believes that Shamanic work speaks the language of who we already are and endures today because of this. This wisdom is not meant to replace a spiritual practice but rather to enhance, fortify, and reveal the force of our natural connection to what is divine--however, we define it. 

Her calling is to teach how we already come with all the tools to remove, release, and alchemize all the stories we believe are holding us back. 

She has served in spiritual retreats to the Andes and the Amazon as a facilitator, interpreter, and in holding space for plant medicine ceremonies. 

Learn more about Mitzy


Letizia Xiuh

Letizia has been living and sharing her medicine magic in the Sacred Valley of Peru for almost a decade. A Medicine Woman by blood, she holds 5th generation native medicine lineage from the North of Peru and has sat in and held over a thousand ceremonies.

A member of Chachapoyas tradition, Letizia has studied, trained, and practiced with various indigenous tribes in Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru. She now holds Grandmother Medicine as well as sweat lodge ceremonies for the Sacred Valley Tribe, with motherly energy and feminine wisdom.

A talented musician and beautiful songstress, she offers ancestral sound healing and songs as part of all her offerings.


Miguel Mendiburu Saavedra

Born in Lima, Miguel always had a strong connection to nature from a young age. Miguel had his first experience with the Grandfather Medicine at the age of 16 and knew he was to walk this medicine path. At age 23, he left his conventional life behind, and began training with a teacher in Ecuador to serve the medicine and hold space in ceremonies. He has been sharing this sacred medicine for almost 20 years in the Sacred Valley of Peru with gratitude, humbleness, and respect. 


Your investment includes all programs, 4 plant medicine ceremonies, accommodation at Melissa Wasi in Pisac, all meals except for meals in town in your free time (note: on ceremony days, we will be fasting for part of the day or night). 

  • Shared Double Room: $2,499 USD

  • Private Room: $2,799 USD. A limited number of private rooms are available and will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Note: 5% of the profits will be donated to the local community as a way to give back to the sacred land and the people who care for the land and the medicine.

SPECIAL BONUS: If you book by January 31, 2022, you will receive a 75-minute shamanic healing, reiki and sound healing, or intuitive reading session by either Peggy or Mitzy of your own choosing, redeemable after the end of the retreat. Check out Peggy or Mitzy's offering page for descriptions.

Melissa Wasi

Application Process

Applications are now open for review. Please fill out the application to indicate your interest. Note that submitting an application does not automatically guarantee a spot, as there are many factors we must consider to ensure you are a good fit for plant medicine work. Once we approve your application, we will send you the reservation link to submit your full payment.

If you have questions about the retreat prior to filling out the application, we invite you to contact us

We plan on holding Q+A sessions on IG Live and Zoom around the end of January and early February. Check back here or subscribe to our mailing list for date and time announcements.

*Special Note Relating to COVID: If we cancel the retreat due to COVID-related reasons or travel restrictions in Peru, the payment will be fully refunded, minus administrative costs such as credit card processing fees (3-5% depending on your country of residence). Please review and continue to monitor the travel requirements and local restrictions imposed by the Peruvian government to ensure you meet all the criteria to enter the country and to move around locally (Check the U.S. State Department's website and the Peruvian tourism commission's website for the most up-to-date information). We reserve the right to place additional requirements such as negative COVID tests and proof of vaccination to ensure group safety and/or compliance with local government requirements.​


The maximum size of the group is 12 participants. Book early to reserve your spot.

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