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You are on a path of profound self-discovery.

Perhaps you have just returned home from a consciousness-expanding, life-changing spiritual journey. You remember the unique purpose of why you are here in this lifetime, the lessons you are here to learn, and the growth your soul is meant to attain.  Suddenly, the achievements you have pursued your whole life no longer have the same meaning to you. You realize you have been living out of alignment with your truth. You sense that your energy is shifting, and you look at your habitual patterns, thoughts, actions, and surroundings in a new light. You find it painful to hide in the safety and familiarity of the status quo. You have caught a glimpse of how to live a fuller, more soulful life and you have a deep desire to make changes in many areas - your work, family, relationships, friendships, role as a consumer, etc.   You want to heed the call of your soul for growth and expansion, but your old patterns and limiting beliefs are still surfacing. You feel like a stranger in your home, not being seen or understood for what you are going through, or perhaps even judged by those closest to you. You have begun to shed the layers of your old life that constrict you, including many of your closest relationships, but you have not yet found a community of like-minded folks to walk this new path with you.  The old you has fallen apart, but the new you has not yet fully emerged.


I specialize in providing integration support to clients who are committed to transforming their lives in alignment with their soul’s deepest calling.

Through coaching, mentoring, shamanic practices, and energy healing, we further explore the messages you receive on your spiritual journey and the changes they inspire.  We find ways to embrace and grow into your expanded self with grace, integrity and courage. We create rituals and actions to deepen your connection with yourself, others, and nature.  We help you follow your intuition, and the signs and synchronicities that provide divine guidance. From this place of trust and knowing, we design a life that is deeply rooted in your soul’s calling, and create a future that is a direct expression of your highest self.

If your soul is yearning for growth and expansion, click here to sign up for a complimentary 45-minute discovery session.

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