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This Sacred Sisterhood is for all self-identified women who are immigrants or first-generation global citizens living outside of their ancestral land.


Whether we (or our parents) left our homeland voluntarily in pursuit of better opportunities or without a choice due to humanitarian crises or social/political upheavals, we often left behind our cultural heritage – the ways of living developed by our ancestors and passed down from generation to generation, the traditions, practices, places, values, and knowledge that make up our sense of being and identity. This physical and energetic uprooting might have left us feeling ungrounded, isolated, and confused, as we navigate the choppy waters of our new home that are unfamiliar and at times even unwelcoming. Many of us struggle with the pressure to assimilate in a vastly different culture that is more ego-centric and masculine than the community-oriented society where we are from. Moreover, there is often a racial component that affects how we relate to our new home and vice versa. For some of us, this intersectionality of cultural, racial and gender dynamics makes us question our own values and identity – Am I good enough? Am I too foreign? Do I have to abandon parts of myself in order to feel safe and accepted?


Yet, our ability to move between different cultures with fluidity is what allows us to see the world more wholly. Our perspective as members of non-dominant groups helps us relate to others who are different from us with empathy and openness. Our resilience in the face of adversity reminds us that our ancestors continue to live on through us.  Our cultural traditions are precious testament to the richness of our ancestry when so many in Western societies have lost connection to their own roots.


In our monthly virtual circle, we bring together sisters from all parts of the world, to share our inheritance as daughters and granddaughters of peoples from indigenous traditions. While our mothers and grandmothers might have only experienced sisterly bonds with women from their own tribes, today we are able to form a global Sisterhood where we share, learn from, and celebrate each woman’s unique heritage as well as our collective experiences in our adopted homeland.


Each month, we will have a theme, ranging from reconnecting with our ancestral land, to transforming our limiting beliefs into powerful action, rewriting our stories, visioning a future for the next generation, and discussing how we can show up in response to current events in a way that honors our ancestors and heritage.


The Sacred Sisterhood will evolve as we do individual and collective work to heal ourselves, our families, and our community. It is a safe space where we can cry, laugh and melt into the comfortable feeling of trusting other women as sisters, confidants, and true friends.  When we are held in the loving presence of our sisters, to be truly seen, heard, and received with full acceptance, love and gratitude, deep healing can happen. Each woman will discover her own personal path to freedom while witnessing and empowering her sisters on their journeys.


It is my intention to be your guide in this beautiful unfolding and to hold space for all that arises.  


Through prayers, meditation, music, movement, and reflection, we honor our connection to one another, the Mother Earth, and the mothers who have come before us, and dream a vision for the sisters for whom we will leave a legacy.


The next Sacred Sisterhood Circle will meet on Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 12-1:30 pm EST.  Sign up here.

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