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the luminary circle

The Luminary Circle meets for 30 minutes every Monday morning and Friday evening for energy healing, intention setting, and reflection, so that you can consciously begin and end the work week with greater awareness, clarity, and calm.

A typical Monday morning circle consists of setting a personal intention for the week, a brief grounding meditation, Reiki healing, sound healing, and a brief share at the end.

In the Friday evening circle, we also work with Reiki and sound vibrations. In addition, we will do a meditation to release any energy you might have absorbed during the week that does not serve you, so that you can enter the weekend with a still mind and a light heart.

The Circle is perfect for anyone who wants to start or deepen a mindfulness practice and could use our regular and consistent support in a group setting. When you develop greater awareness of yourself and those around you, you have an opportunity to respond differently to life circumstances. Over time, you will experience shifts inside and outside of you.

Meeting Time:

  • Monday circles: 9:00-9:30am EST

  • Friday circles: 5:00-5:30pm EST

Energetic Exchange:

  • $11 per session

  • $44 monthly subscription with unlimited sessions (you may cancel anytime).

Sign up for individual sessions here.

For monthly subscription, please contact me directly.

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