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Monthly Women's CIRCLE


Our Women's Circle gathers monthly in New York City for women to come together in ritual to align, heal, grow, and support one another. 

Throughout most of history, women lived and worked in community, shared in responsibilities and cared for one another as sisters. Grandmothers passed down their wisdom, stories, practices and traditions to daughters and granddaughters. Even though living conditions were hard, there was a sense of belonging, understanding, and sharing in the tribe.

For thousands of years, our ancestral mothers, grandmothers, and sisters joined in sacred gatherings, often following the moon cycle.. With the fire in the center, they would share stories, cook meals, honor gods and goddesses, and celebrate with music and dancing. 

In our modern world, much of these support system and sacred practices are lost as many of us are living disconnected and isolated lives, devoid of ancestral knowledge and the support of kinship and close friendships. The modern way of living is contrary to our human nature to belong. For those of us living in the urban jungle, the isolation is compounded as we are also disconnected with nature. This physical and energetic uprooting leaves us feeling ungrounded, lonely, and confused, as we navigate the choppy waters of life on our own.

These monthly Women's Circle are to bring back the ancient practice of sacred gathering. Our intention is to create a safe space for women to share their individual, collective, and ancestral experiences, learn from one another, let go of our distrust, and connect in a deeper and more authentic way than we normally allow ourselves to in our day to day lives. 

Each month, we will have a theme, ranging from connecting with our true self, to transforming our limiting beliefs into powerful action, rewriting our stories, visioning a future for ourselves and the next generation of women, and discussing how we can show up in response to current events in these challenging times in a way that honors.....


The Women's Circle will evolve as we do individual and collective work to heal ourselves, our families, and our community. It is a safe space where we can cry, laugh and melt into the comfortable feeling of trusting other women as sisters, confidants, and true friends.  When we are held in the loving presence of our dear sisters, to be truly seen, heard, and received with full acceptance, love and gratitude, deep healing can happen. Each woman will discover her own personal path to freedom while witnessing and empowering her sisters on their journeys.


Through prayers, meditation, music, and reflections, we honor our connection to one another, Mother Earth, and the mothers who have come before us, and dream a vision for the women for whom we will leave a legacy.


Light refreshments will be provided. 

The first Women's Circle will meet: 

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2022

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm EST

Location: NYC - Uptown (exact location will be disclosed upon registration)

Exchange: $40

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